The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark

The ultimate purpose and theme of Mark’s Gospel is to present Jesus’ call to discipleship.  Mark supports this call by narrating the identity and teaching of Jesus. Fellowship with Jesus marks the heart of the disciple’s life.  This includes trusting Jesus, confessing him, observing his conduct, following his teaching, and being shaped by a relationship with him. It also means being prepared to face the same kind of rejection and persecution that Jesus faced.

Easter 2018

Luke 24 // 04/01/18 // Daniel Bentley

Sight vs. Vision – 7.22.18

This is the Day – 7.29.18

Upon Closer Inspection – 8.5.18

Near But not in – 8.12.18

Extravagant Love 8.26.18

God of the Second Chance – 9.2.18

The Cross in 3D – 9.9.18

The Cross in 3D – Life Group Questions

Between “Amen” and “Praise the Lord” – 9.16.18

Come See Go Tell – 9.23.18

Come See Go Tell – Life Group Questions

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