Current Sermon Series


In this series, we fight to breakthrough the things in our lives that hold us down, the things that have gripped us, or consumed us. God can already sees us on the other side of our victory. Discover how you can breakthrough 


Previous Sermon Series


In this series, we will set off set on a new adventure through the unexpected. But in the midst of the uncertainty, we will see how God shows up to face these unforeseen challenges.


Greater Than

In this series, we are using that greater than symbol to talk about the greater life that God wants us to walk in and experience with Him.  The Bible talks about ‘greater grace’ and ‘greater power’ and ‘greater love’ and we’re going to explore the practical application of this concept in our lives.


The Gospel of Mark

The ultimate purpose and theme of Mark’s Gospel is to present Jesus’ call to discipleship.  Mark supports this call by narrating the identity and teaching of Jesus. Fellowship with Jesus marks the heart of the disciple’s life.  This includes trusting Jesus, confessing him, observing his conduct, following his teaching, and being shaped by a relationship with him. It also means being prepared to face the same kind of rejection and persecution that Jesus faced.


The Life of David

David was a most unlikely king.   Youngest of his family, a lowly, small shepherd boy, no man could see him as the future leader of Israel.  Only God knew.   What separated David from others?…he was a man after God’s own heart.  Through triumphs and failings he seeked one thing: “to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and the meditate in His temple”.  In this series we look at the life of this unlikely king, this man of Gods own choosing.


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