In this series, we fight to breakthrough the things in our lives that hold us down, the things that have gripped us, or consumed us. God can already sees us on the other side of our victory. Discover how you can breakthrough 

Breakthrough – On the Brink of a Breakthrough 1.13.19

Breakthrough – On the Brink Life Group Questions

Breakthrough – God, what should we do? 1.20.19

Breakthrough – Brokenness Brings Breakthrough -Life Group Questions

Breakthrough – Battling for Breakthrough 1. 27.19

Breakthrough – In Praise 2.3.19

Breakthrough – the Surprisingly Simple Secret to Experiencing Breakthrough – 2.10.19

LIfe Group Questions 2 Samuel 5-17-25

Breakthrough – Brokeness Brings Breakthrough 2.17.19

Life Group Questions: Breakthrough – Brokenness Brings Breakthrough


Breakthrough – Smashing Barriers to Breakthrough 2.24.19

LifeGroup Questions – Breakthrough – Barriers to Breakthrough

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